As a United Methodist Church, we exist to fulfill our mission which is "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." To make disciples, we reach out and receive people; help them build a relationship with God; nurture and strengthen them in the Christian faith

Events and churches have long gone together because church families enjoy time together. Events provide great fellowship for the congregation and the community.  So, whether it is the annual vacation bible school, church picnic or a pot luck supper, we see the church office as being a crucial part of the life of our church.

As a church community, we are called to be a community of prayer. We are called to be a body of people who continually pray for God’s blessing on one other, and on our ministry. Prayer defines who we are. It mirrors the very way we approach all areas of our life together

A God Sighting can be an obvious answer to prayer. It can be a small, still voice telling you that everything will be okay and that God is with you. God Sightings surprise you! They give us reassurance of God’s love for us. If you experience a God Sighting share it. Tell us about it and we’ll share it with the worl

If we feel like a spiritual wash out then we have to take that situation to God.  You need to do something for someone else. Share your faith. Read a solid Christian book about some area of your faith that perplexes you. Take a greater role in a committee or mission of the church. Volunteer for something you haven’t tried before. Support financially a particular project you have not previously supported. What happens? Recharge!  

  Giving is—ultimately—a heart issue. Whether you write a check, create an automatic debit, or use an online giving platform, God honors the generosity of a cheerful giver.    Woodbury UMC provides an online option for making regular and special offerings.