Welcome to Woodbury United Methodist Church


Woodbury UMC a welcoming Christian fellowship that celebrates and shares God’s love with everyone.

We seek a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Inspired by His example, we strive to be God’s hands in this world.


Events and churches have long gone together because church families enjoy time together. So, whether it is the church picnic or a pot luck supper, we see our church calendar as being a vital part of the life of our church.


We are called to be a people who continually pray for God’s blessing on one other, and on our ministry. Prayer defines who we are. It mirrors the very way we approach all areas of our life together


 We are facing a lot of uncharted challenges  with the threat of COVID-19. Churches, schools, restaurants, and businesses are all being asked to eliminate gatherings of over 10 people.

This “social distancing” will eventually help stop the spread of this virus and limit the number of deaths around the world. This challenge is changing how we live our lives, but it doesn't change our mission as a church .

We may not be able to meet physically together for a while, but that doesn’t mean they cannot meet. We are seeing this take place our online streaming weekend worship services.

We need to make use of the online platforms and watch God do amazing things through all of you.


  The Children & Youth Ministry at Woodbury United Methodist Church is a community of youth and adult volunteers who gather weekly to explore and grow in faith together. 

It is a place where our children can come and experience unconditional love and support. 

We believe that faith is a lifelong process of growth and development that must be journeyed with others.

 Our program is focused on Jesus as the one who shows us how to live with purpose and conviction. We intentionally create space for our young people to ask questions and to explore their faith.


Woodbury UMC provides online giving or those of you who wish to have your offerings transferred electronically to the church’s account.

Electronic Giving makes life easier for you and yields significant benefits for our church. 

Your online giving offering will be posted to your account just the same as if you had written a check or used cash. We are provided a transaction report listing names, dates, and amounts. Funds are automatically deposited into our bank account.

You may choose to direct your offering to the church budget, to the building funds, or any other church mission project or fund.