Church Directory



 Search and find information on people in seconds using the intuitive designs and lightning-fast response time of Breeze. Store an unlimited amount of information on each person by adding custom fields. View groups of people that match any number of criteria. 



 Easily group people by assigning them a tag. Then use that tag to communicate with the group, add the members to an event, or for other administrative tasks. Tags can be used to group volunteers, event attenders, small group members, and more. 



 Schedule events, take event attendance, and print name tags on-the-spot. Generate reports to find out what age groups are attending, where most people are coming from, and more. Receive alerts if families stop coming multiple weeks in a row. 

Connect to "BREEZE" Directory

To log on  to your BREEZE account will require you to provide a user name and password. If you do not have an account you will be able to creating one by clicking on  "Create Account" . Your email address must be on file with the church to create an account