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Missions and Community Outreach at Woodbury UMC

Opportunities to Help Others

  • WUMC’s Helping Hands Service Corp helps local people with critical, short-term needs and limited resources
  • Greater Woodbury Community Service Organizations meet food, fuel, education & clothing needs
  • Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries provide meals & advisement on community services
  • Missionary & Ministries in Ecuador assist El Prado in building a worship facility
  • The United Methodist Committee on Relief & Board of Global Ministries support national and global needs (e.g. Ukraine)

Community Services Council of Woodbury

The true strength of the community of Woodbury takes many forms—from the vibrancy of our local businesses, to the commitment of our civic and faith organizations and the dedication of citizen volunteers in local government. The purest reflection of our community’s vitality can be found in the simple act of extending a helping hand and open heart to a neighbor in need. That act is the gift we bring to life every day through the work of the Community Services Council of Woodbury, Inc.

Over the past three decades since its founding by the faith communities of Woodbury, the Community Services Council has become the catalyst and tangible expression of our community’s financial generosity and personal compassion for its most vulnerable members. Our goal is to provide the necessary bridge that enables our clients to preserve the well-being of their families and restore their financial security through access to food, fuel and crisis assistance.

Your generosity and the selfless dedication of our many volunteers have ensured that low-income households in our community will always have a place to turn for help in meeting their fundamental necessities. We provide families headed by parents working long hours to make ends meet with a critical safety net that allows them to give their children a good home and education. We offer senior citizens on fixed incomes the supplementary fuel assistance they need to cope with the rising cost of maintaining their homes. We reach out to neighbors who face illness, disability and personal tragedy, providing support to help them on the road to healing and recovery. We come to the aid of individuals and families who face the sudden loss of income from unemployment, extending short-term assistance that enables them to get back on their feet and return to the workforce.

The Community Services Council of Woodbury operates as an independent 501 (c) (3) nonprofit agency governed by a board of directors that includes clergy from participating faith communities, four elected officers, and representatives of the town government and community. The Council and its programs receive no public funding. Current officers are: Robert Taylor, president; Janice Scruggs, vice president; Donald Maclean, treasurer; and Ann Marie Galus, secretary.