"As a United Methodist Church, we exist to fulfill our mission "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." To make disciples, we need to reach out to people; help them to build a relationship with God.  The "Love=Grow-Serve" initiative is intended to be a place where we can be intentional about our spiritual growth; a place to get our spiritual batteries charged; a place for seekers to find God. A place where we :

Learn to follow. The way to successfully lead others is to follow Jesus Christ first.

Engage with God. Build our spiritual influence on the foundation of a connection with God, and to strengthen our relationship with God every day. 

Build integrity. Earn people’s trust to effectively influence them.

Explore new horizons. Inspire people by exploring new horizons, because everyone wants to discover something new and fresh.

Stream ideas. As ideas from God flow into our mind, we should let them flow out to others by communicating them regularly. 

Seize opportunities. Expect God to constantly bring us new opportunities to spiritually influence people. 

Make things right. Invite God to use us as one of His instruments for making things right 

Speak into crises. Be a caring presence for people as they go through crises, listening to them, speaking to them with wisdom and grace, praying for them, and giving them practical support as God leads us to do so.

Develop discernment. Accumulate the knowledge we need to be well-informed before making decisions, and pray for the ability to make decisions with good judgment.

Pursue wisdom. Seek wisdom from God rather than from any lesser source. Make a habit of reading, studying, and meditating on the Bible while asking the Holy Spirit to help us apply its wisdom to our life.

Receive power. Humble ourselves before God, setting aside ambition for selfish power and instead asking God to let His power flow through our lives

Accept authority. Be open-minded about others exercising spiritual influence, realizing that the Holy Spirit may use anyone at any time.

Promote truth. Help people ground their lives in the reality of biblical truth by communicating it.

Manage expectations. Offer people encouragement, support, and accountability as they try to live up to the expectations involved in fulfilling God’s callings for them. 

Persevere and plod. Keep going in the face of adversity, stay faithful to God when we’re disappointed in life, and continue to live with integrity when we’re mistreated.

Expect wounds. Don’t be surprised when other people wound us or we wound others; it’s inevitable in a fallen world. Whenever that happens, rely on God to reset our thoughts, words, and actions so we can pursue forgiveness and healing.

Deal with criticism. Respond to criticism calmly rather than angrily. Ask God to teach us whatever He may want us to learn from constructive criticism, and to help us heal from destructive criticism.

Build on past failure. Accept the fact that we, like all leaders, will sometimes fail. When we do, admit it and learn from it so we can emerge from it a stronger person and leader.

Sanctify ambition. Direct our ambition toward pursuing God’s purposes for our life and pray for the wisdom we need to stay focused on that without getting distracted by any lesser pursuits.